Listen to “Lift You Up” – The first single from Gritts and Maja 7th’s upcoming EP

“Lift You Up” is the first single from Gritts and Maja 7th‘s upcoming “Wishing Well” EP, that we will be releasing for FREE on 12/4/15.

More than 20 years in the making, Gritts and Maja 7th have been close friends since middle school. Although they have worked together on various projects in the past, and stayed great friends while pursuing their own respected music careers, “Wishing Well” will be their first official project that they release together. The EP is full of thoughts on life and the world around us, as the writing and songs take a long look at many issues in the world today – in a positive light. Listen to the first single below, and download it for free!

Listen/DL via Bandcamp
Listen/DL via Soundcloud
Free DL via Toneden


Watch Maja 7th’s New Video for “My Season”

Early last week, Maja 7th released his latest video, a song from his multi-track project that features his production from the last five years or so. Get Familiar is out now – click this link – and his new video featuring Indianapolis artists Bubby B and $auce is below. The video was shot and directed by our own Red August.

Meet The No Cosign Records Roster

I’m happy to announce that today marks the launch date of NO COSIGN RECORDS!

No Cosign Records is a global independent music label based out of Indianapolis, with musicians, producers, singers, and emcees spanning from the midwest to west coast and beyond. Our goal and aim is simple: we don’t create artists; we nurture their aspirations with artist development and label services. Hip hop + instrumental/beats + eclectic uniqueness: our genre is dopeness. You can expect a lot of different music spanning multiple genres, and we are also currently working on a community-base artist development program, which we hope to launch mid 2016. Until then, enjoy the music!

AL GO RHYTHMIC – An upstart producer from Indianapolis with a heavy knack for knock.
Bangers by One – A producer and engineer originally from Dayton, OH, that now resides in Indianapolis. One is an iStandard champion and songwriter.
Gritts – A multi-instrumentalist, singer, and emcee from Anderson, IN, covering multiple genres. Gritts is in Sweet Poison Victim and Hinx Jones.
Hinx Jones – The hip hop duo of Lonegevity and Gritts. They will be unleashing their third studio album with No Cosign Records.
ILL Brown – An engineer, iStandard champion producer, and emcee from the south side of Chicago. He’s also the founder of Tomahawk Music Gang.
Lonegevity – Producer, engineer, emcee, and founder of BDTB music blog and No Cosign Records.
Maja 7th – An industry proven producer and iStandard champion, Maja 7th is a producer with multiple projects under his belt.
Mike Schpitz – An emcee hailing from Topeka, Kansas, and now residing Chicago, Mike has a lengthy catalog. He is known for his work with Grumpy Old Men.
Red August – A video and design company from Indianapolis, Red August has helped provide a vision for many artists in the midwest.

Listen below. You can get our new compilation for free99 from this link.