Meet The No Cosign Records Roster

I’m happy to announce that today marks the launch date of NO COSIGN RECORDS!

No Cosign Records is a global independent music label based out of Indianapolis, with musicians, producers, singers, and emcees spanning from the midwest to west coast and beyond. Our goal and aim is simple: we don’t create artists; we nurture their aspirations with artist development and label services. Hip hop + instrumental/beats + eclectic uniqueness: our genre is dopeness. You can expect a lot of different music spanning multiple genres, and we are also currently working on a community-base artist development program, which we hope to launch mid 2016. Until then, enjoy the music!

AL GO RHYTHMIC – An upstart producer from Indianapolis with a heavy knack for knock.
Bangers by One – A producer and engineer originally from Dayton, OH, that now resides in Indianapolis. One is an iStandard champion and songwriter.
Gritts – A multi-instrumentalist, singer, and emcee from Anderson, IN, covering multiple genres. Gritts is in Sweet Poison Victim and Hinx Jones.
Hinx Jones – The hip hop duo of Lonegevity and Gritts. They will be unleashing their third studio album with No Cosign Records.
ILL Brown – An engineer, iStandard champion producer, and emcee from the south side of Chicago. He’s also the founder of Tomahawk Music Gang.
Lonegevity – Producer, engineer, emcee, and founder of BDTB music blog and No Cosign Records.
Maja 7th – An industry proven producer and iStandard champion, Maja 7th is a producer with multiple projects under his belt.
Mike Schpitz – An emcee hailing from Topeka, Kansas, and now residing Chicago, Mike has a lengthy catalog. He is known for his work with Grumpy Old Men.
Red August – A video and design company from Indianapolis, Red August has helped provide a vision for many artists in the midwest.

Listen below. You can get our new compilation for free99 from this link.