• Release Date1/11/19
  • Catalognoco00024
  • FormatDigital / 10`` Lathe (Limited)

prel·ude · noun
1. an action/event serving as an intro to something more important.
2. an introductory piece of music; the first movement of a suite.

‘Prelude’ is the debut EP from the SECTION LEADERS and features five songs. For their first EP, the group chose to create a sound that fuses R&B and hip hop in their own unique way.

The story-line loosely follows the subtleties and nuances of a man falling for someone he is close to. ‘Prelude’ touches on the battle of desire, love, courage, allowance, rejection and acceptance within ones self, and showcases the thought patterns that lead to…

SECTION LEADERS: Gritts, Lonegevity, Maja 7th