• Release DateFebruary 1, 2016
  • Catalognoco00007
  • FormatDigital

This beat tape was put together in two weeks (1/15/16 – 1/30/16).

Idea/background: BDTB launched a J Dilla sample flip contest for a J Dilla tribute show that Old Soul Entertainment is throwing this February (2/12/16). For the contest, BDTB shared 14 samples that Dilla used throughout his career, and producers/beat makers were challenged to flip one of the samples for a future compilation.

It just so happened that I’ve been experimenting with Ableton effects and sounds, and this was a good way to combine celebrating Dilla while trying some new things out. Instead of making one beat, I made 10.

Samples used are listed, and there’s also a bonus track, which is a remix of a J Dilla verse, that’s only available if you download the project.

This project is free to listen to, but it’s not free to rap on. “Without that loot, these instrumentals stay instrumental.”

“Hut Hut”
Sample used: 10cc – “Johnny Don’t Do It”
J Dilla song: “Waves” (from Donuts)

“What You Expect”
Sample used: The Moments – “To You With Love”
J Dilla song: “Last Donut of the Night” (from Donuts)

“Rico Suave”
Sample used: Dionne Warwick – “You’re Gonna Need Me”
J Dilla song: “Stop!” (from Donuts)

“Let’s Get It Up”
Sample used: The Escorts – “I Can’t Stand To See You Cry”
J Dilla song: “Don’t Cry” (from Donuts)

“What Is The Look Of”
Sample used: The Undisputed Truth – “Walk On By”
J Dilla song: “Walkinonit” (from Donuts)

“Eyyday Eyyday”
Sample used: RenĂ© Costy & His Orchestra – “Scrabble”
J Dilla song: “Fuck the Police” (12″ Maxi Single)

“Just Be”
Sample used: J.J. Barnes – “You Are Just A Living Doll”
J Dilla song: “Believe in God” (from Jay Love Japan)

“Move Back”
Sample use: The Impressions – “We Must Be In Love”
J Dilla song: “Love” ft. Pharoahe Monch (from The Shining)

Sample used: Luther Ingram – “To The Other Man
J Dilla song: “Gobstopper” (Donuts) / “One For Ghost” (Donuts)
Ghostface Killah song: “Whip You With A Strap” (Fishscale)

“Never Quite The Same”
Sample used: The Stylistics – “Maybe It’s Love This Time”
J Dilla song: “Baby” (from The Shining)