• Release DateSeptember 11, 2015
  • CatalogNOCO00001
  • FormatDigital

Press play the first NO COSIGN RECORDS label compilation, which features tracks from every artist on our currently affiliated with our label. The sampler combines a unique and broad array of sounds relating to hip hop music. Listen to our first compilation, which is an introduction into the musicians somehow affiliated with the label.

AL GO RHYTHMIC – An upstart producer from Indianapolis with a heavy knack for knock.

Bangers by One – A producer and engineer originally from Dayton, OH, that now resides in Indianapolis. One is an iStandard champion and songwriter.

Gritts – A multi-instrumentalist, singer, and emcee from Anderson, IN, covering multiple genres. Gritts is in Sweet Poison Victim and Hinx Jones.

Hinx Jones – The hip hop duo of Lonegevity and Gritts. They will be unleashing their third studio album with No Cosign Records.

ILL Brown – An engineer, iStandard champion producer, and emcee from the south side of Chicago, now residing on the west coast. He’s also the founder of Tomahawk Music Gang. Brown has credits with Freddie Gibbs, Bun B, Casey Veggies, Dom Kennedy, and more.

Lonegevity – Producer, engineer, emcee, and founder of BDTB music blog and No Cosign Records. Lone is a RBMA Bass Camp alum and co-founder of Beats & Breakfest.

Maja 7th – An industry proven producer and iStandard champion, Maja 7th is a producer with multiple projects under his belt. Maja has credits with Freddie Gibbs, Dominique Larue, Mikkey Halsted, Add-2, GLC, and more.

Mike Schpitz – An emcee hailing from Topeka, Kansas, and now residing Chicago, Mike has a lengthy catalog. He is known for his work with Grumpy Old Men.

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