• Release Date11/6/15
  • Catalognoco00003
  • FormatDigital

The debut project from Indiana beatsmith AL GO RHYTHMIC is titled “NOWHERE”, and is a play on both the phrase Now Here and Nowhere. Drums, sample chops, chill vibes, and overall great music to listen to.

1. Arrival
2. Our Era (Like That)
3. The Theme
4. Psychosis
5. Headnod (Asleep)
6. Replication

AL GO RHYTHMIC is a producer and DJ hailing from Indianapolis, IN. While making his official debut with No Cosign, AL is hardly a rookie. Growing up, his musical influences bloomed from browsing his father’s jazz records. From there, the intrigue of sampling and hip-hop production grew into his foremost passion. Local Indianapolis legends DJ MetroGnome and DJ TopSpeed helped him turn his passion into an art form. Due to these influential meetings in 2007, he decided to turn his knowledge of hip-hop and related genres into the crafts of production and mixing vinyl.

Producers: All songs produced and sequenced by AL GO RHYTHMIC.

Engineering: All songs mixed and mastered by Lonegevity.

Instrumentation Credits: All instrumentals made by AL GO RHYTHMIC. “Replication” was co-produced by Greenhouse Beats. Lonegevity played keys and bass on “Our Era” and the bass on the outro track to “Our Era”.