“Not My Intent” is LONEgevity’s first single from “Sometimes I Still Dream”

“Not My Intent” is track 9 off of LONEgevity‘s upcoming “Sometimes I Still Dream” instrumental album. This is the only song on the album that has features, and it features Scoot Dubbs on Bass and some other programming with LONE, and also features Gritts with some additional keys. LONE has keys on this too, so good luck figuring out who is who. It’s just a dope collaboration.

LONE started working on SISD in 2012 after a couple fairly successful years as both a member of Hinx Jones and Beats & Breakfast, and also as a remix producer. After putting out project after project, he wanted to get back to the essence of making music for himself, and he decided to start over and try some new things. This included experimenting with different programs and sounds.

Sometimes I Still Dream’s intent, at the most rudimentary level, was LONE wanting to get excited about making music for himself again. He wanted a growing in sound that ultimately was different and innovative. The entire album is themed, sequenced to flow together, and takes you on a 32 minute sound journey into experimental grooves and thoughts. About 90% of the project is original, meaning that all of the sounds you hear down to the custom percussion was made by him.

It’s never to late to innovate. It’s never too late to start over. It’s never too late to dream.

The album will drop on 1/22/15 via No Cosign Records.

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Listen to “Lift You Up” – The first single from Gritts and Maja 7th’s upcoming EP

“Lift You Up” is the first single from Gritts and Maja 7th‘s upcoming “Wishing Well” EP, that we will be releasing for FREE on 12/4/15.

More than 20 years in the making, Gritts and Maja 7th have been close friends since middle school. Although they have worked together on various projects in the past, and stayed great friends while pursuing their own respected music careers, “Wishing Well” will be their first official project that they release together. The EP is full of thoughts on life and the world around us, as the writing and songs take a long look at many issues in the world today – in a positive light. Listen to the first single below, and download it for free!

Listen/DL via Bandcamp
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Free DL via Toneden


Watch the new Hinx Jones Video for “Painted”

Today we’re unveiling Hinx Jones‘ brand new video for “Painted,” which was shot and directed by Diop of Creative G. The video was shot on location at the IMA and Broad Ripple Park of Indianapolis, and features Indianapolis emcee Skittz (of Cut Camp, The Proforms, Breakdown Kings, and Beats + Breakfast). The video showcases the beauty of the natural world as the backdrop as each emcee paints you their picture with words.

We released Hinx Jones brand new Soul Hop album on October 2nd, and it is available everywhere online today.

You can purchase the Indiana duos new limited edition CD from Bandcamp, which includes the lyrics, download code, and album version with the interludes and transitions that are not available on the digital version. There are only 75 copies available and they’re already selling. Get yours today!

Hinx Jones Has “Nothing” & Everything in New Single

Hinx Jones will be dropping their long-awaited Soul Hop album this Friday, and today you can listen to their latest single, titled “Nothing”. The song discusses being happy while focusing on who we are at our core, and realizing what it really means to have great things in life. The song was produced by Lonegevity and features him on the first verse, with Gritts singing the chorus and second verse. Be on the lookout for a video for this single dropping later this week!

Purchase the single from Bandcamp.

Listen to Hinx Jones’ new “PAINTED” track featuring Skittz

Hinx Jones is back with the second single from their upcoming Soul Hop album, in a single that features oft-collaborator Skittz. Many of you know Skittz from Cut Camp, The Proforms, and Beats & Breakfast. “PAINTED” takes a vocal sample from Skittz’ “EXISTENCE” track, and the beat was crafted with a boom-bap slap, soul sample, and synth bass.

The song kind of talks about deconstructing oneself to realizing the greatness in being who you are, and to continue fighting to be great. The essence can be best described by the chorus: “Life Love Letter you can write it exact – it takes a special kind of brush to paint your heart on the track.” The first verse is Gritts and the second is Lonegevity, who also produced the song. The third verse and chorus feature Skittz. Be on the lookout for the video to come in mid October.

Purchase the single from Bandcamp (pre-order and get this and “Let It Go” via download now) and listen below.