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SECTION LEADERS is the producer duo of Lonegevity and Maja 7th, with additional musical support Gritts and Stacia Moon. While this is the first time that all Gritts, Lonegevity and Maja 7th have worked on an official project together, they have been friends and music collaborators since they were all in the Anderson High School band in the late 90’s. The SECTION LEADERS was an idea originated back in 2010 when the three were toying with the idea of starting a hip hop trio. Fast forward to 2018 and they have decided to utilize not only their hip hop roots, but also utilize elements of funk, soul and r&b to create their unique sound. Stacia was brought on to contribute to the live element and overall creative process.

For a little background, Gritts and Lonegevity formed Hinx Jones upon moving to Indianapolis in 2009, and have released more than five full-length releases in the last decade together as a hip hop duo. Gritts was also a member of multiple bands including Sweet Poison Victim, Pork & Beans Brass Band, and a handful of other side projects. Lonegevity has released multiple instrumental projects, produced for many different artists, and has released a handful of solo albums. Maja 7th, as a producer, has produced for a handful of notable hip hop names in Chicago and around the states, and also has a handful of instrumental projects. Stacia Moon is a multi-instrumentalist and was a member of Blackberry Jam, Kools Bazaar and F!GHT¡NG WORDS an’NEM.

Art/Design Direction: Michael Anthony, Terry Colemen, Sean Stuart
DJ: DJ Jay Diff


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#RecordStoreDay weekend was a blast! Thanks to everyone that came and saw our first live set at @indycdandvinyl. Just the beginning!

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Released: 7/2/19

In remembrance of Nipsey Hussle and his impact on hip hop culture, his home and the world, Section Leaders own Māja 7th and Lonegevity worked on remixing a handful of his songs through April and May of 2019 in dedication to the late artist. RIP NIP.

All remixes by Lonegevity and Māja 7th.
Mixed and mastered by Lonegevity.
Art by Micah Wilson.


Released: 1/11/19

prel·ude · noun
1. an action/event serving as an intro to something more important.
2. an introductory piece of music; the first movement of a suite.

‘Prelude’ is the debut EP from the SECTION LEADERS and features five songs. For their first EP, the group chose to create a sound that fuses R&B and hip hop in their own unique way.

The story-line loosely follows the subtleties and nuances of a man falling for someone he is close to. ‘Prelude’ touches on the battle of desire, love, courage, allowance, rejection and acceptance within ones self, and showcases the thought patterns that lead to…