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Maja 7th, born Michael Chamberlain, grew up in Anderson, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis, where urban musical influences were few and far between.  Although this was the case, at a young age Maja 7th was still a huge fan of hip hop. He has said on many occasions that the Wu Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M. is the song really made him fall in love with hip hop and he instantly fell in love with the WU from that point on. Being an avid music fan and musician he enhanced his love by participating in his middle school and high school music programs. He would meet frequent collaborators Clarence Jones and Sean Stuart, of the hip hop duo Hinx Jones, in middle school and a general love for music was shared among the three. Maja 7th also credits his soulful, jazzy yet unorthodox style to his mothers’ love for artists such as B.B. King, Al Green, and James Brown, as well as his own passion for Jazz.

Maja 7th went on to attend Ball State University to earn a B.A. degree in Telecommunications where he first met Jerome Jordan (current manager) and Kenny Cook (rapper Pete Sayke).  Through their common taste for music the three formed the hip-hop group KM2, with Maja 7th manning the production duties back in the early 2000’s. The trio decided to move to Chicago in 2006 to pursue their dreams .KM2 eventually suffered the typical trials and tribulations of aspiring musicians and eventually dissolved.  But those relationships and experiences helped mold Maja 7th into the award winning producer he is today.

Production credits: Freddie Gibbs, Add-2, Dominique Larue, Mikkey Halsted, Pill, LEP Bogus Boys, Naledge, Sulaiman, Mike Schpitz, Hinx Jones, Vic Spencer, GLC, YP, Neak, Pugs Atomz, Grumpy Old Men, ILL Brown, Waterr, Mathien, Scheme, Dave Coresh, Starrs & Murph, Real T@lk, Bubby B, Lungz, Mic Terror, Mick Luter, Judah, Phil G, and more.