SAFE TO USE / “Safe To Use” DMCA-Safe Background Music License for Videos Not Originated from Live Stream


Not a live streamer but want to use the music? No problem. Purchase the individual license here for the track(s) you want to use. An individual license does not grant anyone rights to record over and/or re-release. Preview and read more details below, and download the Safe To Use Sync License for the full contractual agreement.

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If you want to use the “Safe To Use” playlists for your live stream, it’s always free and you’re always free and clear. If you want to make videos from your live streams to share on any platform, you’re also always free and clear. On the other hand, if you need music that wasn’t first used on a live stream, and need background music for your one-off video, that’s what you purchasing this license will do. When you purchase, you will gain the license to use the music for one (1) video to be shared on any platform(s) of your choosing. If you want to use the music for multiple videos, please purchase for each video you use. If you want to purchase a license to use a song for multiple videos (for your whole series, intro/outro, etc.), please purchase the unlimited license.

Special note: Make sure to keep the digital copy of your receipt that is emailed to you upon purchase. We keep a copy of all purchases, but it’s good practice for you to keep a copy so that you can verify on your end if ever needed.

Additional information

Safe To Use, Volume 1

1. T-Shirt Hoodies, 2. Or Would Like To, 3. Need More Points, 4. Well Not For Us, 5. These So Boring, 6. Only Three People, 7. All You Have To Do Is, 8. Info Blacked Out, 9. It's Up In The Air, 10. I Personally Don't Know, 11. And So Aye, 12. Super Dope Idea, 13. The Angriest Implication, 14. Shame On Each, 15. Weird Cult Mentality, 16. Flutes Are Heroes, 17. Put Him In The Air, 18. No Sipping Juice, 19. Fleetwood Cranberry, 20. Totally With Childhood, 21. Burn Down Celebration, 22. It Is Horrifying, 23. Hunker Down, 24. What Are These Whistles, 25. Pulling Up Glass, 26. Manifesting Fye, 27. Feeling Like An Uzi, 28. Welp It's Burning, 29. Live Or Live, 30. I Want One Of These, 31. Not Traditional, 32. Fingers Stay Crossed, 33. Determined To Felt, 34. Emoticons Emotions, 35. Extra Sad Dislikes, 36. Apply It To That, 37. Milk & Golf, 38. How's Your Alien Friend, 39. That's Reflection There, 40. Hm Cool Ok, 41. Slow Then Fast Then, 42. I Sawr It, 43. Glitch Walking, 44. It's Under Control, 45. It's A Hoax I Think, 46. Put Them In Churches, 47. Maybe Going Away Dunno, 48. Open Up The Doors, 49. Kind Of Drunky, 50. Sitting On A Step, 51. Run Tell Dat, 52. Space Shoe, 53. Save Them Chains, 54. Trying to Visualize It, 55. The Life Is Altering, 56. Introducing The Ghost, 57. Lil More Grins, 58. Yeah Seems Nice, 59. Slapping Slappy's, 60. Not An Outkast, 61. Not Very Thingy, 62. The Lunch Tables, 63. Ha, 64. Should Sway Juke, 65. How Sad Can We, 66. Extra Drippings, 67. The Distinct Pleasure, 68. Wahh Wahh Wahh, 69. 2 Feel Targeted, 70. Stop Looking At Me, 71. Seeds & Sticks Taste, 72. Cane Suggests Otherwise, 73. Suppress The Sniffles, 74. Not To Late To, 75. Short Weather Cluster, 76. It's A Wrap Now, 77. Blade Brown's Teacher, 78. Delighted In Cruelty, 79. Squirted Sauce Packet, 80. Blessed Alongside view, 81. Ignoring The Energy, 82. Memorializing The Right, 83. Everyone Has A Story, 84. Stepping Outside, 85. Help Me Not Anxiety, 86. Not Praying For You, 87. Deep In The Depths, 88. Made Another One, 89. Kinda Hate To See It, 90. Diet Pill Overdose, 91. Ask The Right Questions, 92. Feels & Voices, 93. Sounds Like A Lot, 94. I Mean, I'm Qualified, 95. Here Blasting Off, 96. Take Me With You, 97. Elephant Dog Ears, 98. We All Deserve Something, 99. Not As Toxic As Before, 100. Winner Chosen By Likes

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