Listen To Bangers by One’s “Water” Single

Listen to the second single from BANGERS BY ONE‘s upcoming debut on No Cosign Records, which is a uptempo zoned-out vibe-filled instrumental, titled “Water”. Be on the lookout for One’s SEEDS to be dropping 3/11/16.

Picture by Michael Anthony of Red August.

Dig into the debut instrumental EP from Ohio-to-Indiana music producer, song writer and sound designer Bangers by One.

“Seeds” is the first part of a two-part instrumental series from Indianapolis-based music producer and songwriter Bangers by One, and his debut project on No Cosign Records.

As “Seeds” is a themed experimental instrumental project, and fully original, it also has a very modern and head-nod worthy appeal. You can play this project as you’re powering through your work day, working out, cooking dinner, or winding down for the evening. The thorough detail that One puts in creating his sound masterpieces will have you picking up on new focal points every time you listen to it. It’s dynamic and pushing the bar on instrumental creativity.

And, as the title suggests, this is just the beginning.