• Release Date:3/8/24
  • Catalog:noco00057
  • Format:Digital

loneloveandré is the third release in Lonegevity’s “lonelove” series, released March 8th, 2024.

The first project in the series, titled lonelovesade, was inspired by multiple Sade records, as Sade was used as the backdrop to create a smooth and relaxing ambiance. The second instrumental album, titled lonelovemoonchild, was inspired by Moonchild’s “Little Ghost” album as each track on “Little Ghost” was sampled to mirror the album – whilst creating a different, yet chilled listening experience for lonelovemoonchild.

loneloveandré was inspired by André 3000’s “New Blue Sun” album, and each song on “New Blue Sun” was reinterpreted with new instrumentation by Lonegevity to create new motion and life. The titles of the songs are also plays on the original titles from the “New Blue Sun” album.

Samples pulled from André 3000’s “New Blue Sun”
Instrumentation and percussion created by Lonegevity
Instrumentals produced by Lonegevity
Mixed and mastered by Lonegevity
Art by Lonegevit