• Release Date:11/20/20
  • Catalog:noco00033
  • Format:Digital

If you just want to buy the album to support because you like the music, feel free to purchase. if you would like to use the music for your live streams or purchase for any content creation, please visit nocosign.com for embeds, more playlists. Details below:

Full sync license: nocosign.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/SAFE-TO-USE-Sync-License.pdf

PURPOSE: This project was created for live streamers that need music on their stream, but also want to be safe from any copyright strikes or content ID matches. You’re granted permission to use the “royalty free” music on this project for your live streams for no charge or fear of being taken down, and that permission is extended to any social media and/or YouTube/video content you may create FROM your live stream videos. You’ll never receive a DMCA notice or takedown for using these songs on a live stream.

RESTRICTIONS: You may not use these beats without permission other than to live stream (and it’s concurrent VOD). That means that if your original video was not used in a live stream, you can’t use this to monetize or promote your video(s) anywhere without consent directly from Lonegevity and No Cosign Records. If you want that, you are stepping into the leasing world, and you will need to purchase a lease. You may not use these beats for any type of distinct intro or outro music to your stream or videos; you must purchase a different license for such. These tracks are to play in the background while you are doing something else. You may not rap, sing, talk, or record to any of these beats and put them out on any platform in any universe. Download the sync license upon purchase for further detail.