Listen to Hinx Jones’ new “PAINTED” track featuring Skittz

Hinx Jones is back with the second single from their upcoming¬†Soul Hop album, in a single that features oft-collaborator¬†Skittz. Many of you know Skittz from Cut Camp, The Proforms, and Beats & Breakfast. “PAINTED” takes a vocal sample from Skittz’ “EXISTENCE” track, and the beat was crafted with a boom-bap slap, soul sample, and synth bass.

The song kind of talks about deconstructing oneself to realizing the greatness in being who you are, and to continue fighting to be great. The essence can be best described by the chorus: “Life Love Letter you can write it exact – it takes a special kind of brush to paint your heart on the track.” The first verse is Gritts and the second is Lonegevity, who also produced the song. The third verse and chorus feature Skittz. Be on the lookout for the video to come in mid October.

Purchase the single from Bandcamp¬†(pre-order and get this and “Let It Go” via download now) and listen below.