• Release Date4/27/18
  • CatalogNOCO00018
  • FormatDigital

Whenever Hip-Hop sonically meets Soul legend Marvin Gaye its always the inception of a classic. Indianapolis, IN producer, Maja 7th was inspired earlier in the year to put together a 9-track ‘instrumental’ project.

“Songs In The Key Of Marvin” as a tribute to the genius. With fresh arrangements, Maja 7th built this EP with a selection of atomized samples and acapellas procured by DJ TopSpeed from various songs off his catalog, re-purposed each of them using live instrumentation, birthing new vitality into the motown standards / soulful vocals.

Cut from a similar cloth to Madlib and 9th Wonder, the Indiana musician defines musicality highlighting his extensive repertoire using an array of instruments throughout all nine blends including vintage synthesizers and piano alongside his MPC, with some input from Jerome Sloss [Saxophone] and Andrez Allen [Bass] on the collaboration “When You Want Me.” #maja7th #marvingaye #songsinthekeyofmarvin

” Marvin’s music ALWAYS had a groove and made you feel something. I wanted to tap into that…”